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Company set up (overseas)

Overseas companies and off shore tax planning can offer individuals or businesses significant reduction in tax bills as well as further asset protection. Depending on jurisdiction of the offshore structure the typical benefits are as follows:

  • Anonymity
    An appropriate offshore set up using trusts or companies can make your investments, bank accounts and other assets disappear from public view.
  • Offshore Asset Protection
    "Own nothing, control everything". Offshore structures make assets and their ownership shielded away from authorities or creditors.
  • Tax Reduction
    Reduce the four main taxes to a minimum. Income tax, Corporation tax, Inheritance tax, Capital Gains tax.
  • Ease of set up and operation
    Many jurisdictions have brought in hassle free set up of overseas entities including simple statutory obligations to maintain the operations.

However, with the world-wide drive to eliminate terrorism funds and reduce the harbouring of the proceeds of criminal activities, there is anti money-laundering legislation that will permit professionals reviewing offshore structures. Most offshore financial centres will not divulge the names involved in the offshore corporations, specifically the owners' names, to a third party or foreign government. That is, unless an act of criminal atrocity or terrorism has taken place and is being investigated.

There are many tax havens available and it takes a professional to work out which is the most suitable set up. Please contact us to talk over your requirements.

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